The world where designers come together and join forces to build and create while sharing the income. The world where audiences can support their favorite creator while getting their needs fulfilled. The world where there is no theft, copyright abuse or A.I. crawlers stealing your hard work.


Clients request commissions and creators join forces to contribute to each other’s work. So Alice could be putting together the layout, while Bob is working on the illustrations and Cindy is crafting the typeface for the pitch deck they’re all contributing to.


Different collections assembled from separate assets that go well together well stylistically. This creates additional value for the clients and the creators alike.

Share the income

Yes, for real. Each contributor earns their cut. Each time the collection is sold, everyone gets paid.

Of course, you don’t have to join anyone if you don’t want you. But we think you will love it.

Where creators build together

We are creating the world that lets designers from all over the globe contribute to each other’s work, creating complex digital collections, that are larger than the sum of their counterparts. In terms of economy too.

Collections world
Collections world

Where your brief matters

We receive hundreds of design briefs daily. We process them carefully and manually assign designers who are best suited for each job.

The world where creativity is protected

We will never let a copyright abuse slide. No matter how carefully they try to hide it. Theft is theft and we don’t need lawyers to discern between a genuine inspiration and an asset flip.

So no more pleading with the store owner’s to delete your clones. Zero tolerance for theft and AI. Which is the same thing.

Collections world

IT’S not just about the income

The creators are changing the world together, one collection at a time.

And you have an opportunity to support them, while fulfilling your needs.

Get all access in one pay.

Scale up to earn

Any authorized Creator is able to expand existing goods into collections and become a co-creator, earning a fraction of the revenue stream from the collection.

Your privacy is protected.

Only pay for what you need

Only buy a single component of the collection if that’s all you need. We’re doing our best to create unique products for each situation, not a one-size-fits-all template.

Copyright reserved.

You are not alone

G&H is not just a store. It’s a community. Find like-minded people to create collections together. We’re on a mission to unite the creators into a community, empowering each and every member to do more than they could on their own.

Unified solution base.

Full control at your fingertips

Every product and collection is now available at a glance. Find the style you want and reveal every product that supports that style. Can’t find what you need? Leave a request.

Don't overpay for extra assets.

Your privacy is protected

All requests are processed manually. Before the request is passed to the creator, your private information is concealed.

Options is all in one place.

Be the inspiration

Upload your products to Goods & Hands and share your creativity. Gather like-minded people around you who will help grow your style into comprehensive collections.

Stress-free licenses.

Create together

Create digital collections which would be impossible to do alone, together with other creators. Just do what you love the most.

Explore live preview.

Your privacy is protected

All requests are processed manually. Before the request is passed to the creator, your private information is concealed.

Have a say in what the creators build and see the collections grow.
Watch this video to understand better how it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know the team behind Goods & Hands

We’re a collective of creators just like yourself. We have a combined experience in design, digital and software engineering of more than 50 years. Our team is scattered all over the world and speaks different languages, and we’re passionate about building this decentralised creative hub one day at a time. We’re striving to give all the creatives an opportunity the shelter from the hostile environment of the recent years, ridden with corporate raiders and AI bros, looking to scrape, gut and sell for profit the very fabric of creativity, with the companies seemingly embracing them by selling out or data and works for profit.

In spite of spending many years in VC and fintech environment, we are accepting zero dollars from VCs, corporations or any other entities. We’re 100% bootstrapped and we will never accept VC funds or sell out to any corporation that as we know all too good now, will gut and decapitate the community. No one is influencing us, we’re 100% devoted to the community and their feedback. However, we’re not opposed of individual backing, so if you want to contribute to our project financially, feel free to DM us.

Here are some materials, feel free to download and scrutinise them. This repo is evergreen and we will be updating it as we go. If you want to keep tabs on all our developments, the best way to do so is to subscribe to our Twitter and other socials.